Norrona – cycled around the world

norrona recycling bottles for fleece upcycled
Collecting miles

I know, I just talked about how well-trained and nice the Norrona sales guy was (here). When I walked out of their shop in Stockholm, I actually liked the brand about 68% more than before. My closet is full of blacks, whites, browns, jeans and greys. At the sight of their colors I used to reach for my sunglasses.
However, their latest advertisement really made me blink. Are they serious?

Making new stuff out of old stuff is always great. It is responsible, saves resources, turns kids into good people. Second hand has become extremely trendy.

But in this case they make a fleece jacket out of 40 plastic bottles:

– collected in Norway (last Easter, as they point out to make it easier to relate)

– crushed and shipped to the US

– sent to China

– shipped back to Europe

Wow. Now we all know the Norwegians makes their own oil and I am surely no professional in the field, but doesn’t it sound like a long trip for plastic garbage to make? Can the jackets really not be made where the garbage is? I don’t know. Doesn’t sound sustainable to  me and the jacket doesn’t sound green.

I am still breastfeeding and my brain is babyish soft. But wouldn’t any average consumer like myself wonder about the bottle’s journey around the globe? Did they really miss this when they sent the ad to print?
I still like Norrona tough. The sales team is great, the clothes are fantastic – would someone please explain this to me.

norrona ad
Norwegians aren’t price sensitive when it comes to oil


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for your interest in the Norrøna /29 upcycled fleece.
    You’ll find more information on this matter in our blog post here:
    You can also read the article from our magazine here:

    Thanks for your interest! Next year the bottles will be from the US, the reasons for us to send bottles from Norway was the following two: 1. Help to increase the the rate of recycled bottles to above 95 % in cooperation with Resirk (the Norwegian recycling org.), this rate generally falls below 95 % during the easter holiday. 2. To learn about the whole process from A to B. We are trying as hard as we can to make environmental friendly products. When it comes to carbon footprint, we reduce the amount of oil by 2 kg crude oil per 1 kg raw material of fleece, when it comes to transportation by sea, this nearly nothing compared to shipping by air. In total the transportation bit as a small part of the products carbon footprint.

    We are trying to our best to make environmental products, we hope you appreciate our efforts.

    Best regards,


    1. Thank you for links and explanation! Assumed there was more complexity behind the ad. I think your efforts are fantastic, good luck with improving the production further. I am quite familiar with the challenge of turning plastic garbage into products and am impressed you are actually doing it. Will be interesting to hear about your progress.
      PS: congratulations on especially nice staff

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