Monocle inspite of snooze

Marlene Dietrich Uniform
Attention please!

I was about to declare this little paragraph finished when I realized the picture below wouldn’t give anyone a good start to their day. I strongly believe in the power of visuals and have therefore replaced it with a much more appealing Marlene. This is about how Monocle makes me read an entire issue covered with men in dirty shoes.

The pacific war images
Swoosch! baaang! dooongzzzz

Pictures like the above immediately put my brain on snooze. I cannot get myself to concentrate on a war movie for more than three minutes, neither can I remember any of the characters names or purposes long enough to get some sense into the plot. It might be the lack of female characters and the beauty they bring, the guy-to-guy language or the fact that green, muddy and unshaved visually isn’t very stimulating. However, the hour of sleep I get during “The Pacific” is pleasantly refreshing.

Last week I grabbed the latest issue of Monocle on my way to gate 84B and only looked at it on the plane, realizing the entire issue is dedicated to men in steel helmets. (For those who get the impression that my area of interest are kiss proof lipsticks, may I just say that history is one of my big passions. But not war. War I don’t understand.)

The texture of war has changed

This is the introduction to the issue. I recommend reading it. It doesn’t exactly change the way I feel about steel helmets, but gives some unexpected insights, packing advice for troubled regions and a military fashion special.

Some impressions:

war lady jet

alex crawford Monocle



military media india Captain Bharat Verma

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