A new mom’s desperate search for fleece

Autumn Fall
Sun and warm socks

Autumn has come to Stockholm.

Beautiful mornings on the water (thank god for our new boat), cosy looking fashion in the shop windows and the world shifts to orange. This also means shopping functional clothing for kids. Since this is my first winter as a mom, I am amazed at the prices of miniature fleece jackets. 800 Sek (ca 90 Euros) is the average number for any outdoor piece of clothing. Polarn och Pyret seems to be the shop to turn to but their color combinations make me dizzy. Thinking colors I turn to Norrona instead. These Norwegians make jackets in every shade of the rainbow and I assume one of them will fit my baby girl.

“Welcome to nature”, they say and make you try their jackets at the appropriate temperature

Norrona Stockholm
Welcome to nature

But they don’t have kids clothes. The extremely nice and well-trained sales guy recommends an online store instead, which looks really good. It is also run by some very northern people who should know what they are doing. GNEIS, children’s outdoor clothes from Norrland in Sweden. Gneis only sells online to keep prices where they should be. http://www.gneis.se

gneis baby clothes
Gneis Baby

I am going for this option. It will also prevent my daughter from looking like a member of the Stockholm fleece army. Stockholm is very homogeneous when it comes to fashion. In that spirit the only fleece overall outside Polarn och Pyret seems to be Ver de Terre’s admittedly cute piece. If you feel like joining the crowd, buy it here.

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