Fruit styling – a recap

"Homestyling" "Fantastic Frank" "Mäklare Stockholm"
Mangoes on fire

The swedish speaking community has already given this some attention and with the latest spread to the car industry, I think fruit-styling deserves a translation.

Selling your place requires serious styling in Stockholm. All apartments and houses are so white and light and fresh and modern, there is no chance you will get a good price when your house looks like your house. You need a photographer with a major wide-angle and a photoshop license, wax to shine all surfaces – and the one appealing idea that fits just your home.

A new real estate agent, called Fantastic Frank has made this his specialty. Here you can choose themes and a team will show up with the right accessories.

This apartment, beautifully decorated with fruit, has made it into the top 3 Facebook conversations (or click here for more images) :

"Fantastic Frank" "Homestyling" "Mäklare Stockholm"
Sleep in peace

The stair-challenge was solved beautifully

"Home styling" "Fantastic Frank" "Mäklare Stockholm"
Pineapple puffs

"Homestyling" "Fantastic Frank" "juliamoved" "Mäklare Stockholm"

Bathroom saved:

"Homestyling" "Fantastic Frank" "mäklare stockholm"
Just put grapes
"homestyling" "fantastic frank" "mäklare stockholm"

This concept seems has proven successful and spilled over to other business areas.

This guy in Västerås had trouble selling his – admittedly quite average looking- Opel. When his ad on Blocket (the swedish site ebay never beat) attracted no buyers, he decided to walk in Frank’s footsteps and try the pineapple-trick. And the poetry.

What can I say? The ride was sold within hours.

"Homestyling" "blocket" "stockholm mäklare"
Opel, 1996

"homestyling" "blocket" "mäklare stockholm"

"homestyling" "blocket" "opel" "fruit styling" "stockholm mäklare"

"homestyling" "blocket" fruit styling"

“If you are one of the people who have always dreamt of owning an Opel Astra, your time has finally come.

Swapping for Diesel tractor possible.

Opel. Beauty comes from within.


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