News from the North

"norrland" "forest" "sellman"
Next farm: 278 km

Two fantastically nordic news alerts came in yesterday, very much qualified to illustrate this remote part of Europe. To start with I should provide those not familiar with the local conditions with some cornerstones: Norrland is Sweden’s most northern state. With an area of 261 292 km² it covers 59% of the countries’ surface but is home to only 12% of its population. Which in return means: very few people per square meter. A common joke is that you can relax when robbing a bank because it takes the police an average of 2 hours to get there.

"Norrland" "Sweden" "map"
Big green piece of noone

No wonder really this guy got a bit desperate without a car up there.

Man took Ambulance to liquor shop

A 70-year-old man seems to have made it a habit to take the ambulance to the liquor shop and has now been reported to the local police.  He had called emergency 112 several times, claiming to have severe heart trouble. But when the ambulance came to town he had jumped off the stretcher and gone straight to the liquor shop and then to get cigarettes. (

The other news reported a robbery in a country shop in northern Norway. A thief had been sneaking around the parking lot for a while when he finally went into the shop and robbed the cashier. The owner understandably got angry and decided to not let the man get away – in his car to be precise. He got his tractor from the barn and lifted the man’s ride.

"robbery" "norge" "norway"
Image: Aftonbladet

Another remarkable detail with this story is that this dangerous criminal drives a Mercedes. Everyone knows the country is ridiculously rich since it found oil. Carpenters have directors’ salaries, West Oslo surely has the worlds highest amount of Gucci bags among 15 year olds and sidewalks are heated during the snowy season. But this still did catch my attention.

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