Malin for President

"Louise Edlind" "Malin" "Saltkråkan" DN" "dagens nyheter"
Happy birthday!

“Malin ended up being a member of parliament”, I read in Dagens Nyheter. It is her birthday today and the newspaper congratulates her with a 1 pager to 65 years of a Swedish life and 45 years of making people fall in love with her.

I don’t know anyone who didn’t want to marry Malin from Saltkråkan. Or alternatively dreamt of being just like her growing up.

"malin" "Louise Edlind" "Saltkråkan" "juliamoved"
Malin på Saltkråkan

At the age of 10 I belonged to both of these groups and strongly disliked Petter, who actually was a pretty nice guy in retrospect, but he took Malin away every time he entered the screen in his stupid green t-shirt, just to marry her in the end.

"Malin" "Louise Edlind" "saltkråkan" "Astrid Lindgren"

I wasn’t aware of the fact that Malin was a member of parliament until 2006. In my world only Ronja Röverdotter aka Hanna Zetterberg made herself comfortable in one of those holy seats – turns out I was wrong. But even Ronja has quit politics for the life of a communication coach. Recalling how she used to jump over that “ravine from hell” to talk to her friend Birk, I am sure that’s exactly what she should be doing.

Sad none of these figures help steering Sweden anymore.

"Ronja" "hanna zetterberg" "Ronja Rövardotter" "Astrid Lindgren"
Runaway Love

Louise Edlind about meeting Astrid Lindgren:

” I am very happy I had the chance to meet her. One thing she taught me was to always keep a bit of a distance to what can look like worship. To be the one many look up to is something to be happy for and to respect. But it does not mean that you are always right.”

With this in mind I leave for vacation and hit the streets of Castagneto Carducci, beautiful Tuscany village, proudly without a single plastic chair. According to equally beautiful Anna. Who got taken away by her very own Petter, married and moved here – because the time was right, because there was no plastic around and because there is nothing better than the golden hills of Tuscany on an evening in July.

Not even parliament.


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