Steiner: back in boxes and the chase for cool

"juliamoved" "Rudolf Steiner" "Waldorf"
Cool in 1928

When I was 13 I hated about everything with round corners. I did not want to practice the piano anymore, was generally embarrassed during Chorus – although I dearly loved it – , thought the kids who each had their own TV set were coolest and was convinced my mom purposely tortured us with whole-wheat pasta. Or that “milk from cows” in brown glass bottles with the disgusting greasy stuff on top.

Unlike the cool families’ houses, ours was full of instruments, water colors, wooden toys with round corners for my many baby siblings – and actually some pretty nice furniture. I got to give you that, mom and dad. Later on we got a pool, which in my opinion made up for a lot of the Weleda bottles. But keeping a level of coolness at the age of 13 was nearly impossible in this environment. I wanted to be like everyone else.

1991: Partners in crime and purple curtains

Admittedly I never became like them outside my parents home either. When I moved to my first apartment I kept drawing and did not shop any plastic equipment. Those who know me might want to point out that these were the beginnings of electronic music in Berlin, that I used a toy plastic watering can as a purse for a while and had double eyebrows. To those I say: that’s an entirely different story.

If I just generously take a leap over my twenties, consisting of daily dance, Kreuzberg, falling in and out of love, adventure, after-clubbing-swims in the lakes of Potsdam and incredibly enough a couple of years in Munich, I today sit in my kitchen just to say: He is back!

"juliamoved" "saltåkvarn" "slow food"

Rudolf Steiner has re-entered my life through a muesli box. Emptying my shopping bags yesterday I realized that my store cupboard looks like a Saltå Kvarn shelf. Not due to the colorful packages, but because they make food that is just food. Nothing else. No additives and basically harvested around moon phases. As Waldorfians like it. The anthroposophical way: “In harmony with nature and the human being”. Not so bad. Not completely out of the question.

Weleda is now available in parfume- and beauty shops and Dr. Hauschka, another old (uncool) mom- and waldorfian brand found in Penelope Cruz’ travel bag.

Saltå kvarn has recently opened a flagship store in the ridiculously trendy “SoFo” district of Stockholm. This to me is a clear indication of the chase for coolness having come to an end. Everyone else is becoming more like me instead. And this insight almost makes me want to practice my flute.

PS: Some fellow waldorfians celebrated Rudolf Steiner’s comeback on his 150th birthday by taking the train to his hometown Cologne and performing the worlds first Eurythmy flashmob below the dome.


  1. 🙂 sind halt Schwestern! Bei mir regiert Alnatura die Regale! Und rundes Holzspielzeug die gesamte Wohnung… Vermissen dich

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