King Kungen König – media gone mad

"kungen" "kung carl gustav" "intervju kung" "swedish king"
Mad Man?

This time I managed to react before I got complaints from Berlin about not writing about the hottest Swedish subject. The scandal has moved to phase two. Like the Royals I have kept my mouth shut and watched, but it is really starting to get to me. Not the possibility of the Swedish King having visited shady places. Not some mysterious images of something possibly dirty. Not the usual suspects republicans catching at the opportunity for propaganda.

What gets me is again the media circus. All major publications published two interviews with the king – unedited and in full length. When does this ever happen? There are talk shows, debates and very unfortunate images of King Carl Gustav XVI, looking desperate or plain stupid. PR consultants get their face in the newspaper commenting stuff, the head of TV4 in his turn accuses the Royals consultant of doing a lousy job (while his channel heavily supports the chaos) and the social democrates throw their arms in the air demanding a law to investigate the Royal Court.

I google Mille Markovic (the gangster guy) and the king shows up half the time.

"Kungen" "Mille Markovic" "King" "Sweden"
"M-i-l-l-e--M-a-r-k-o-v-i-c"- return.

What is happening? Where is this going?

Instead of discussing the entire subject all over again, I’ll quote others.

Nr 1: Alberte Bremberg, blogging for Svensk bokhandel (really long, those of you who know Swedish, read here)

I read in Dagens Nyheter today that it is now time for Mille Markovic and his co-authors to complete their book in record time. Mille Markovic, you know, he, the old boxer, porn club owner, and according to some media also a torpedo, who claims to have an extensive photo archive. A book which, according to the newspaper, will be launched with a picture site, located in the Balkans.

This is going too far. It is about time for some representatives of the so-called free speech, to obtain decent life.

I might as well say it right away. I, like King Carl XVI Gustaf, have been to Beirut Café in Stockholm. I (…) was there a few times when the restaurant was new and very hot and still owned by the recently publicized Milan Sevos buddy Paul Mardirossian – currently in custody in Panama, on suspicion of drug and gun crimes (…). They had excellent service and some of the owners or responsibles or however started bonding with our group as it got late. We might have been invited for drinks and champagne. If there were any photographs taken that night, I really don’t remember. But since we were celebrating a birthday it wouldn’t be completely out of the question.

"Beirut Café" "Stockholm" "skindeep
(image from skindeepblogg & completely out of context)

Now I am not king or Ockelbo-born, but just like anyone else I could have gone for a political career. In today’s media climate I’d be in serious trouble if there were any pictures from that party.

But now I happen to be a journalist. Not for the kind of news publication I am currently a little ashamed of (…) but in the publishing world I love so much. I wonder who will sign the book contract with Mille Markovic? Who will out themself doing it? (…)

There is no good journalism – if the conditions are completely wrong. There is also no rule saying that financial potential is sufficient to justify publishing a book about it. Or arrange press conferences where criminals may dictate the journalistic terms.

Using public interest as a justification to openly crucify a person who may have been unfaithful, possibly has seen some lesbian petting or attended the same party as celebrities and criminals, is irrelevant. It is not illegal. Not for publishers, not for journalists not for kings (..).

show me the money

Those who seriously believe that there was a risk of real blackmail for the royal family by criminals know very little about both bandits and rogue former boarding school students with their advertising sign in the House of Nobility. And not the least of our constitution.

I’d suggest journalists to actually go through the group of lordbuddies, their financial statements and contracts  to see if there really is anything fishy. (…)

Don’t drag in public interest when it is really just a matter of journalistic cock-fighting and money-making on biased journalism. It is deeply dishonourable to work with newspapers or other kinds of publications in Stockholm, to manipulate the rest of Sweden in to thinking it was anything else. (…)

If you really want to abolish the Swedish royal family please use the debate pages to discuss republican thinking with theoretical arguments instead – if you feel more comfortable with the sex addiction of men of like Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy for that matter. Or Watergate-criminal, war-glorifying Bushman and online-dating mustaches. (…)

I have no idea if a powerless monarchy or an autocratic republic creates more democracy. But I do know that tabloid journalism does not. Regardless of what it presents itself to be. (…)

It’s like those oversized cookie boxes in the office store. You eat them because they are available and because it’s too much hassle to buy something else – even though they taste terrible and you end up poisoned by trans fat.

Dear God, Holy Spirit or someone – give us publishers who do not unchallenged cuddle with criminals for a few bucks.


  1. What a sorry excuse for a king. In the old days when the kings actually ruled their countries, the royal family would instantly have had Mille Markovic and all his associates beheaded for attempting to extortion him. The whole incident just goes to prove how royalty have been reduced to some sort of figure head of the state with no real power whatsoever. Their current purpose is to provide entertainment for the people in a sort of royal reality soap opera show. The kings used to keep jesters at their courts to amuse them. Today the public hold on to their royal families to provide the people with amusement.

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