Three shortcuts to enlightenment and one Hallelujah

"Julia Emmerich" "India" "Kovalam" "kerala"
Postcards from the edge

I have been back home for a while now. Got back into my shoes, bought a subway ticket and ironed my shirts. With all wisdom collected during the past weeks, I did however not want to leave you unaware of the newest developments from the universe of salvation.

As previously mentioned, India seems to be the place where westerners gather to exchange the latest shortcuts to enlightenment. I managed to snap up some of them and thought I’d share them quickly, before you go on with your daily routines.

1. The lizards are coming. They will arrive on December 21st 2012 and take all of us back to where they came from. They will be accompanied by a big wave and it will basically be the end of time. Ursula (name changed by author) was wondering if it helps to be on a hill on that day, kind of like with the tsunamis. The lizards come from space and look like human beings. They are infiltrating our race (until 2012, when they are coming to get us), and one thing most of us don’t know is that George W. Bush is one of them, sometimes shifting into the shape of John Mc Cain. More about these shape-shifting aliens from the Reticuli star system here.

2. Shambhala is inside the planet earth and can be reached through a hole in the north pole. This was a relief, because the whole concept seemed quite complex and out of reach, especially since the Dalai Lama stated that “unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there”.  A reliable source revealed that all survivors of the big storms of history, the keepers of wisdom, sit under the north pole and can be reached with the help of a snow suit and a shovel. Great news indeed. More about the subject here.

3. There is a new site collecting newsletters from outer space, endorsed somehow by the United Federation of Planets. Personalities from places like the Angelic Entity Kryons send monthly newsletters, which are now collected by the Celestial Station: Channeled messages for planetary awakening. The channels (e.g. Brian from Arizona) receive the messages directly from the source and upload them to the websites. I was especially impressed by Archangel Michaels monthly messages which prove an unexpected bond with every day life in the US:  “As the electromagnetic, cosmic energy was directed to more specific areas around the world in a laser beam effect (…) the mood and atmosphere in Los Angeles and New York City have been radically changed. Statistics have proven that crime and violence are down and it is much safer on the streets.”

Now checking out for Easter and a glas of diamond water.  


Diamond water? The technology used to transform this spring water uses the science of numbers as well as music, which is living geometry based on sound. You can record your intentions within the water. When swallowed, the Diamond Water associates your spoken intention directly with the corresponding memory of opposite polarity in your body cells. It is represented by the number 999 and brings human beings to a point where they can integrate the third level of consciousness.


  1. Hi nice to meet you, came across from Met Mum. Love your blog. So no diamonds in the water? not even one little one? I do need some of that water to get going this morning and-or to find the meaning of life…

    1. After some more in depth research I am sorry to confirm that these diamonds are invisible 🙂
      Hope your day turned into champagne later on. Mine certainly did when Hamburg went back to 27 degrees this morning.

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