Hello Kitty, Manga Margarine and the secret of crema

"continental breakfast" "kerala" "julia emmerich"
Continental spread

Butter, toast and jam come in threes, at least in the UK. The years as a colony have successfully planted the idea in Indian heads, that every foreigner wants cardboard with sugar mousse to kick off their day. I usually don’t belong to this category, but learned on a trip to Martinique, that countries with amazingly ripe tropical fruits can make a so called continental breakfast quite delicious.

India has not yet realized that you can make jam with fruit it seems – I have at least not come across any homemade marmalade. Mostly even the butter comes in convenient portions that don’t go bad for decades. Even though no one would think of serving anything but freshly made juice anywhere the jam must be straight from the 50ies and plasticland. It has so many colorants, additives and jelly stuff in it, that your entire pink rubber breakfast tastes like Hello Kitty.

I am definitely going for a juicer when I get home.

And I will make crema with my Bialetti! Went to Mauro’s Mokaschool today and got let into the secret. Exquisite.

"India" "Kerala" "Continental breakfast" "homemade" "Julia Emmerich"

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