Recycled memories and Ayurvedic pasta

"Taj Mahal Mumbai" "terror" "Bombay" "Taj Mahal Palace" "India" "Juliamoved" "Julia Emmerich" "recycling"
The Hindu, November 20th 2009

I went for a stroll along the beach this afternoon. After avoiding 78 tourist shops I went into the 79th one and bought something to sit on during sunset. The shop makes its own bags out of recycled newspapers. Nice looking and reused, I like the concept. My bag announces the reopening of the destroyed hotel wings after the terrible terror attacks on Taj Mahal Palace and the Tower Hotel in Bombay from November 2008.

I take it to the “Swiss Café” for dinner, where they serve an interesting fusion of food, including number 284, an Ayurvedic version of my favorite Roman pasta dish.

"engrish" "arrabiata" "funny spelling" "julia emmerich"

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