Patiala banking

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I exchanged some money in downtown Patiala today. In an AC-market to be precise, the more luxurious, air-conditioned way to shop.
Dollars and Rupees add complexity to my usual currency confusion (I still think in Euro after 5 years Sweden), so I did ask for some hard facts, when the gentlemen behind the banking counter gently wriggled his head and said: “Yes Madame, that will be 4450 Rupees”.
“Ok, could I see todays’ rates please?”
“Oh no Madame, that will really not be necessary”, he says- and at my wondering eyebrows: “it is always around that amount. Can be 5% more or 5% less, but never big difference.”
I sigh and give up, but remember, you should always ask for a receipt. And that, as it turns out, was no problem at all.


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Location:IGI Airport T3 Rd,New Delhi,Indien

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