Happy is the new black – and it comes in neat containers

"happiness" "sonja catani" "sri lanka" "ayurveda"
på burk - aus der Dose

Happiness has been following me around lately, inspite of long days at work, a stomach flue and ridiculous electricity bills. Where does it come from I wonder? Through which portal? It could of course be because I like the people I meet every day. Or because spring is finally in the air. Or knowing there a big piece of fresh parmesan cheese in my fridge. But does any of these beat a stomach flue?

I sense that I might be touching on one of the big three – life altering riddles here, and realize I won’t solve this tonight. Hanna Hellquist, Swedens favorite reporter on a wild chase for enlightenment, has been on this for weeks.

But thanks to Sonja, who came home from paradise yesterday, I can now dip my finger in happiness and apply it to my temples. It smells soft, light, alive and a bit orange.

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