Winter colors, preparing for samosas

"Tranholmen" "Stockholm" "julia Emmerich"
Blue swirl

Spring is coming!

It might not look like it for the rest of you Europeans, but three degrees plus and sunshing slowly makes the ice melt and brings back colors. The mornings are orange-sorbet, the evenings pastel-turquois going yellow. Just a couple of weeks to go and I will be able to take my boat to town – which means life is back and will speed up with about 500%.

I am now off to my storage looking for flip flops and my straw hat. Finally taking a break from the scandinavian static white, wriggling my warm sunny toes, chewing samosas. Colors.

Did I mention I miss those?


  1. Beautiful! I actually found the first crocus on the mainland, which means spring is really around the corner.

  2. Lovely picture. Here in Berlin spring is coming, too. You can always tell when everything has melted and it starts stinking of dog poo. Sweet smell of spring….

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