Upside down or the cars outside B’s window

"india" "laugh" "hospitality" "juliamoved"

I ate dinner at Beautiful B.’s house on the weekend. She made the most fantastic meals to prepare us for our trip to northern India and I learned new words and unpronounceable names, how turbans are warm and hurt on your forehead, that Punjabi and Hindi are to each other like Swedish and Norwegian and I tried mouthrefreshing Paan in the most amazing colors – served in my favorite little silver box.

As we talked our welcome-wine through the inner city apartment, P. wondered how it was going with the traffic outside the livingroom window – expecting an answer about the quality of super-sound-isolation-double-glass.

“Oh, now in winter it is a bit boring, you don’t hear much at all. But in summer, it is really fantastic. The cars honk, people scream, there is music and stuff going on till late at night. Then you want to keep the window open, it is so much life! And then of course we put a sofa out on the shared balcony so neighbors can come by for drinks”.

I love this!

Beautiful B. has converted the Swedish housemates, who have spent decades on developing techniques for efficiently avoiding contact with people they don’t know.

Please pay special attention to minute 1.30, which proves this case – and has been confirmed by many Swedes to not be pure exaggeration. Enjoy!


  1. It was a pleasure to have you over for dinner Julia and P, really enjoyed your wonderful company.
    It was very important to have very good neighbours because they are the closet you have when your sick and need of help. Your own family lives in other country or another city. Your closet friends do not live close by either. The whole dinner and drinks were ready except when it was time to make the rice, it was another story. I had run out of rice)
    My neighbours were laughing so much after wards, that the one thing that one never thinks your going to be out with. Next door neighbour had gone skiing and I have her spare keys to the apartment and her first question was I hope you checked in my kitchen for rice.
    Fortunately I got some rice from the 6th floor neighbour.
    Last night night another neighbor came late in the evening for some sugar.
    Kram B

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