Career opportunities down under

"juliamoved" "poolia" "recruiting" "Hartmut Makus"
Happy Mining

I have been registered with one of Sweden’s big recruiting companies since I moved here. Poolia asks you to take about three hours of your time to fill out their templates, mark empty fields and choose three options from 154 scroll downs. But is worth it because you then you receive tailor made career tips in your immediate surroundings.

I have laughed at their absurd suggestions many times before and thought I would share this one. Knowing my background in branding and communications for all kind of lifestyle, tech and luxury brands, living in Stockholm,  they suggested I become head of loading and transportation, alternatively subsurface investigation, at Zinkgruvan Mining AB, a zink mine 270 km from my front door.

"juliamoved" "poolia" "recruiting"
"Good news! These positions match your profile."

Now – apart from the fact that the combination of my car and Swedish (small) roads leaves me with at least six hours of driving every day – which one of my 1490 personal details makes Poolia think I am the woman for the job?

One thing is beyond doubt though. Take this from the communications part of my background, branding, product development or packaging if you like: think twice before sending out emails with 3 different fond types and sizes – even if this matches the disharmony of the content.

Saturday started with sunshine on snow, a new niece named Nila, a proud aunt and a big laugh.


  1. Try updating your profile. An interest in mining and transportatin might take you to communications for LVMH!

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