Homestyling Huddinge

"ljust och fräscht" "homestaging" "juliamoved"
Light and fresh

Homestyling is a big thing in Stockholm. Apartments and houses have such a high level of average styling, that it is hard to sell your apartment, if you unveil how you actually live. There is a flourishing business called “homestaging”, that pimps your place with exciting wall colors, Philip Starck chairs and Bauhaus lamps for the couple of weeks it is on sale. This costs a couple of thousand Euros but you sell the place for 20% more and it is so worth it. The housing market is perfect to a degree, it’s scary. “Ljust och fräscht” (Light and fresh), a play about Stockholm syndromes, is yet another proof for how relevant this subject- and beautiful living is in this town.

Surfing “Hemnet”, hunting down the next housing upgrade, is a popular weekend-occupation and the real estate brokers’ emotional prosa for (everyone’s’ favorite)”through going construction planning” is unheard of.

No wonder, the place below created overwhelming engagement in social media. Within hours, this home in Stockholm’s suburb Huddinge was recommended to me by 5 different, smiling friends (see ad here as long as it is on the market)

"Hemnet" "juliamoved"

As it turns out, this villa was meticulously designed by someone not fitting in with the Scandinavian sense of beauty: White on white with white furniture, white kitchen, white car and a caffe-latte-painted wall for a splash of color.

Instead these people are masters of using fabrics for fine effects (I just received an email from IKEA, suggesting exactly that to freshen up my home).

"hemnet" "huddinge" "arabvillan"

The sofa landscape is presented as extremely exclusive and I would agree, I have never seen anything this voluptuous in the form of an armchair.

"hemnet" "huddinge" "arabvillan"

Textile-art even in the bathroom, softens up the harsh feeling of shower doors

"hemnet" "arabvillan"A dream of a staircase

"hemnet" "arabvillan"And even the garage got a touch of design

I just called the real estate broker to ask if the place was sold (it is not) and if he had noticed the enormous interest on different social network sites (he had). This house has been clicked on 377.543 times, 1.000 times only since I started writing this. As a comparison: an apartment on Södermalm with the cities best location and view got 7000 views in a couple of weeks.

If nothing else this proves: Stockholmers love houses. And the power of design.

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