Fika, Fredde, Laxative

"Fredde" "Macaron" "Gateau" "Djursholm"

Taking a long, sweet fika is a classic Swedish way of either getting away from work for a little while, or preparing physically and mentally for a tough hour to come. An average fika consists of filtered coffee, a cinnamon bun and at least one colleague.  The matching feeling is “fikasugen” by the way, meaning “craving a fika”.

Before heading out for some spontaneous brain stretching on sunday, I took a luxurious fika in the suburbs, with about 27 kids and about as many dads in their 40ies.

Gateau Djursholm, a guarantee for good coffee, fantastic everything – and a lot of dads in their 40ies, wearing sailing shirts with random numbers on one breast, picking up muffins and Caran d’Ache color pens from the floor.

All of this inspired me to do something fantastic myself, so I asked my date if she was in for some Macaron.

"Macaron" "Autocorrect" "Iphone4" She was. I found sparks this sunday – as well as black bean salad and a view over sunny winter Stockholm, accompanied by small french sweets.

Mums. (how do you say “yummy” in french? Anyone?).

Life’s delicious.

"Macaron" "Gateau"


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