Open doors lead to chocolate. Only in Sweden.

Forgot the key

Just this today:

“Staff forgot to lock in internees. On thursday night, the staff on duty forgot to lock in six prisoners in Norrtälje, three of them convicted for murder. The prisoners used the opportunities to bake chocolate fudge cake in the shared kitchen and watch TV: “The cosiest evening we have had in a long time”, says one of the captives.”

The power of chocolate.

Brought to you by Sonja Catani.

Found on SVD and my friend Aftonbladet.


    1. Take out ‘have’ and the second halv of ‘been’ och – vipps, a world of new possibilities. There is soooo much sugar here!

    1. I might have watched too many movies, but I would expect most prisoners to try to escape. On the other hand: Swedish prisons seem to be more comfortable than a few places I have lived in throughout the years. Might make you want to stay for cake.

  1. Makes sense. They probably reasoned that if they escaped, they’d have to live the lives of fugitives, and if they were caught after escaping, their sentence would be a lot worse than the original one. I’d stay for chocolate cake and tv too.

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