Hipstery, Gitte Haenning and I

"Dr. Willem von Tinkel" "hipstery"
Dr. Willem von Tinkel

Assuming everyone is tired of wrapping presents, I thought I’d share something new I recently discovered. The world- or let’s say Europe – is getting more  service minded (I pray), and Hipstery does their share by enhancing the gift buying experience.

You tell the guys: “I need a present for my sister Julia”, whereupon they hand you a bunch of questions  about her. The Hipstery scientists then analyze the results and pack the perfect package for just your Julia. Including a mysteriously personal shirt.

You can go by their shop for live consulting, or choose mail order.

This is what my dear brother, still living in my dear hometown Berlin, dearly did for me. Watch the results:

The box-shaped reflection of my personality contains:

1. The mysteriously personal t-shirt:

"Hipstery" "juliamoved"
Mysteriously Me

I am very interested in your interpretation of this Freudian scenario.

2. Vinyl Maxi Single: “Lampenfieber” by Gitte Haenning

"Gitte Haenning" "Lampenfieber" "juliamoved
"Lampenfieber! Vor dem Schriiitt ins Liiiicht"

I found the original MAXI-MIX version on youtube. (skip the first 20 seconds). “I got stage fright! Before stepping into the light!” (She is about to meet some guy later that night and needs to urgently find out what to wear. Every time she sayse “stage fright” or “flickering heart”, Gitte and her hair bounce along the walls).

Why oh why me? Chasing my hairdo through the bedroom?

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3. A Cartoon from 1979, previously owned by Hannelore Pradellock.

"cartoon" "1979" "Mosaik" "hipstery" "juliamoved"

"cartoon" "mosaik" "1979" "hipstery" "maskenball in wien"

"hipstery" "cartoon" "Mosaik" "1979" "comic"

4. These specific antique images

"hipstery" "juliamoved"
Family portrait?

I feel good about this collage. But what does it mean? I am grateful for any free associations.

So long – I will be doing jittery jumps in my wardrobe and new t-shirt, tearing my hair in front of the mirror and wonder what the hell I did in the 80ies.

Sincerely yours,


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