Royal Media Circus part 2

"Anna Ramberg" "Aftonbladet" "Saklighet efterlyses" "kungahuset" "TV4"
Concentration, please.

Just a quick update on my post from January 2nd: I am happy to see that Aftonbladet now even published an article by Anne Ramberg, Secretary General of the Swedish BAR Association.

Header: “Objectivity wanted”.

She writes in reply to Jan Schermans article from December 31st who portrays her as being “the power systems’ voice”

because she criticised TV4s reporting angle.

"Anne Ramberg" "Jan Scherman" "Aftonbladet" "Elitistiska dagisbarn" "saklighet efterlyses"
Anne Ramberg (leaning on Ulf Elfving)

She says: the real question here is not one of freedom of speech or press. What this is really about is media ethics in a wider sense, with objectivity, respect and proportion as a prerequisite. There is no reason why public and famous people should be excluded from this treatment.

It is of course perfectly legitimate to pursue the idea that Sweden should be a republic. My point is, that when you do that, you should stick to reasonable factual arguments and to what decency requires (…).

One may wonder if the King and Queen deserve to be attacked by the media power structure as is now happening. It seems to me even Jan Scherman and his squire Thomas Mattsson agree. Their fierce defense (…) shows that they themselves identify with a well-known royal person – namely, the Princess and the Pea.”

Haha. I so agree with her.

She ends by encouraging TV4 and Aftonbladet to continue challenging those in power. But to dare go beyond the powerless Royals to those with real influence: Media.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Thank you Aftonbladet for reconstructing objectivity.

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