The world outside my window

"ängel" "angel" "trolla" "ö"

2010 is coming to an end and it feels good. 1/2 meter snow, frozen sea, cleaned out paperwork, eliminated signs of sleep deprivation and champagne bottles are ready to go.

People from the mainland are carrying heavy bags and boxes across the island, firecrackers and toothbrushes. This place is never as popular as on swedish holidays, whose common denominator is that friends drink snaps and sing.

You recognize the visitors because they wear fur coats, finger gloves (much too cold) and have no transportation devices. Those who live here pull shopping bags, kids and wood on plastic sleds, called pulka. The islands’ most important accessory when nothing is motorized.

"pulka" "ö" "öliv" "living on an island" "stockholm" "sweden"

The sun has gone down but there is still a glow left in the sky. Anyone interested in pastel colors should place himself in winter-Stockholm and watch the light changes.

But before I start sounding like Caspar David Friedrich, I will put the computer aside for the rest of the year and end with only one promise.
I will learn how to do magic.

Happy New Year!


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