“Welcome to Europe”- Gigantic, Green and Google

Heads on shoulders please

God Jul, Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten!

For the holidays, we adapt to German grammar and use capital letters for our Christmas wishes. I assume this adds to their holiness. P. and I however just got back from my family in Germany, one meter snow, too much food and Brussels airport.

Brussels airport deserves extra attention this year.

a) because I missed my flight by 5 minutes and

b) because it serves as a platform for corporate promises. This is where Europe lands to go to work after all.

a) you can imagine I am mildly annoyed. But here come some words for those approaching Brussels: Avoid taking taxis in Belgium if you can. They cost about triple the price of Taxi Stockholm, which is scandal enough for some tabloids’ front page.

Don’t even get there 2 minutes too late, because a closed baggage check is a closed baggage check – they will tell you with an expression on their face that would make the french shake of envy.

If you then choose an airport hotel, take Crown Plaza only if you are in possession of a fine pair of ear plugs. Their air condition system could make you play solitaire all night. You will then freeze in the airport shuttle at 6.30 h in the morning because of its missing (crushed) windows.

b) Brussels airport is oversized. Kilometers of conveyor belts carry you along kilometers of illuminated advertizing. Every major cooperation promises to make this planet a virgin one. Green! Renewable! Sustainable!

Together with me, they are building the future, I read. First I just watch and take in. Then I giggle, then I laugh and then I decide this is ridiculous. No one needs a seminar on green washing to understand we are overdoing it. Please. Stop. Stop talking, stop buying advertizing space and DO something instead!

Or at least buy some poster space where no one else does. It will probably increase the effect.

By the time I started laughing (and taking pictures) I had already passed a couple of shiny future visions by Siemens and Esso who promised they would invent fuel made of seaweed.

In 30 years we will need two planet earths to support the way we consume today.

An insight that leaves us speechless for a second. Or minute. Or week. How do we need to change? Who needs to change? (Probably not the folks living on an apple a day).

But most certainly: In 10 years we will look back at our green airport promises the way we look at the dotcom bubble today. “How could we…?”

Don’t get me wrong. I also hope we will soon be flying with sunrays. I am just not sure we are investing energy in the right channels at the moment. Seems like a lot of good will and a lot of confusion – which is a charming combination in a voluptuous blond from the 50ies, but as far as I remember, none of those has ever saved us from the stormtroopers.

Google, P. and I have donated 20 million dollars to charity today – as I read in another Gutmensch – email.

Makes me feel so good, I am going to go and buy myself something plastic.

God Jul alla!

God Fortsättning. In 100% sustainable capital letters.

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