Sonjas moose and my spark – not related.

"Spark" "Sparkstötting" "winter" "pulka" "sled" "Tranholmen"
Way to spark!

It is sunday and this is a quick update on the comeback of kick sleds. There seems to be only one place around Stockholm selling them: “Granngården” – or “The neighbors ranch”, a store for people who have farms, horses, shotguns, moose- spyglasses and no problem with -40 degrees during forest labour.

I admit I did not really fit in, but was fascinated with the gear there is to fight cold feet and crazy horses. Most importantly: I found my sled!

"spark" "sparkstötting" "granngården" "kick sled"

Vansbro is the town where the original is made – and Vansbro sparkfabrik seems to be the only (swedish) factory these days. Putting them together is easier than IKEA and much warmer done in-house.

"Spark" "Sparkstötting" "IKEA"
beats IKEA

The farming shop reminded me of last fridays dinner at my favorite circus artist and life acrobats house. She had made her famous apéritif, consisting exclusively of champagne, a bouquet of delicious vegetable dishes and moose. Even in Sweden this is very special. Or at least in the cities. I learned that Sonja’s family is stuck with so much forest (–> lots of moose) in Finland, that they are happy for everyone helping to shoot one or two. It got late on friday, so I just verified this with a text message. Here is her answer (while conquering Marrakesh on high heels):

Used to be 88 but one full grown could be exchanged with 2 calves, so 110 animals in total.  Lots of white-tailed deer and today ca 50 moose.

That makes alot of dinners. Welcome to Finland!

Confronted with two different kinds of moose at Saluhallen, Sonja caringly chose the organic one. Organic moose? As opposed to what – raising a cattle? Feeding them morning carrots in a stable? Although I like the picture of  a spike-booted Sonja galloping her lasso around a heard of highly organic moose, this doesn’t sound very credible.

It is all about packaging. Or (as Johnny would say): the only strategy the consumer sees is execution. Well done.

"Älg" "Moose"

To elegantly end this post, let me present Sweden’s fastest kick-sled. Steam-driven, 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds. I still have dreams.


  1. Oh My God!!!!!! I’m laughing my head off reading this post. My five minutes of fame includes my heroic moose hunting in Hallen. Höuly möuses… Or holy moose I might put it.

    Back to the blogging board and quickly!

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