Election updates and the comeback of Spark

A butler is a butler is not a piga.

After a couple of polite questions about my whereabouts I can state that I have been busy, freezing and quite uninspired. And occupied winterproofing boats at 15 degrees minus as well as researching adequate means of transportation for the upcoming season.

Until it next breaks down, I take the subway. On my way to work yesterday I ran into two updates

on a story I posted during the election circus in September. The political blocks were fighting for votes in bizarr and highly entertaining campaigns, among others suggesting there should be publicly sponsored butlers in the subway, waiting for us to drop off our laundry.

1) There was a butler in the subway. A shopping center in northern Stockholm has picked up the idea and places butlers in the mall during the Christmas rush. I like. They wrap presents and carry stuff.

2) Annica Holmquist, the very sick women whose story took over national media before the election, now got granted sick pay. Good news (read article here). It seems there is a way to mass-communicate second guess into administrative authority.

Otherwise Sweden talks about the weather. Will it be colder than last year? Can these temperatures make you sick? Is this the coldest november since 1952 or 1925? Even in Skåne? (southern provinces)?

I mostly wonder if my little french car will survive until April? And: how do I get there?

But I have basically decided. A sparkstötting it is. Smoothly gliding to work with a warm cup of tea and red cheeks upon arrival.

These sleds are not very popular in Stockholm for some reason. Yet.

Wait and see. Spark is the new black.

(spark = swedish for kick. Kick-sled)



  1. Hab so ein Ding in der Garage 😉 Leider hat’s mal wieder geschneit, bevor der See zufrieren konnte. Also bleibt mein sparkstötting hängen und hofft auf den nächsten Winter.

    1. Erzähl. Wieso kriegst Du das Ding wegen See nicht aus der Garage? Ich fahre gleich zu Granngården, die scheinen die einzigen mit Spark zu sein. Auf meiner Insel ist das ein beliebtes Fortbewegungsmittel 🙂

      1. Das Ding muss in der Garage bleiben, weil der See dick zugeschneit ist und das Eis darunter zu dünn ist.
        Vor 2 Jahren hatten wir übrigens einen Hund vor das sparkstötting gespannt.
        Liebe Grüße auf die Insel

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