Wagamama: Aussies, aluminumboats and very fresh Riesling

Single and very fresh

Sunday evening at Wagamama.
Perfect I thought, the place to go after the boat show: sore feet, rain drizzle over face, jeans and inside shoes, low blood sugar.
Wagamama just opened their first restaurant in Stockholm and it has been a hype. As if Grace Jones was coming to town.

Or – well a bit more Zen maybe. But stylish and exciting.

I was in one of their London restaurants a couple of weeks ago. Quite good food. A bit like Vapiano with a wok. Best choice around Westfield shopping mall. But a strange experience even there – must have blocked it out which easily can be blamed on the acute shortage of available snacks among sailboats.

Guests are welcomed in english – of native speakers from different english and australian outskirts. Our waiter happily races through her difficult to decrypt introduction speach – while leading us to a table.

“Welcome to Wagamama, is this your first time here no very nice a table for two? Yes would you wait here would you follow me please (there is a wardrobe somewhere something polite about our jackets) any drinks for you?”

Just like in the UK I interview the waitress about the limited vegetarian offer and about the possibility of getting anything NOT deep-fried. Just like in the UK I do this in english.

Which confuses the hell out of me! because I am in Stockholm, reading a swedish catalogue about aluminum boats and hear that the waitress on the table next to me comes from Malmö (heavy southern Swedish! dialect). It is not a corporate identity thing then – to hire only native english speakers. It is just annoying.

When we order she says:

”Just so you know, at Wagamama the food doesn’t come at the same time. We make it fresh and it comes out when it is ready.”

Even this speech I have heard before.
Why? Isn’t this what they do in all better restaurants? Make fresh food and bring it when it is ready?
This isn’t a freshness label, it is just bad planning – right?

In case they meant keeping the food warm, I wish they had done this for me. My ‘ebi chilli men’ was luke warm when P’s curry showed up. Next time I will try a salad. With deep fried Tofu.

Even the wine comes out when it is ready: Sauvignon à point, Riesling with 5 minutes delay. Smokingly fresh.


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