Feelings for SAS or the need to stay home and bake buns instead

"sas" "flygvärdinna" "stewardess" "lufthansa"
Back to the future

I like Lufthansa.
As pathetic as it may sound, looking out of an airport window and seeing lots of Lufthansa logos makes me feel happy and safe. At home.
This accurs regularily outside Sweden, since they don’t fly to Stockholm very often.
Or at least not when I need them.

The next best alternative is SAS.
Many would instantly disagree and say its gone downhill with this airline. Even British Airlines is better they say, or Air France. Apart from the fact that people seem to judge airlines by if they get a free or a € 4,50- spongesandwich on their 1 hour trip to Hamburg, I look at this subject very differently and realize that I have strong feelings for airlines. Which have nothing to do with cheesebuns.
I don’t like British Airways for reasons I won’t go into. I don’t even mind that I will never see Heathrows new Terminal 5 with this attitude. With Air France I get a very international feeling, mostly because I have ended up on their Jumbos on long distance flights. But those jumbos have often been from 1982, drafty and the general feeling is unfriendly.
I like Finnair! But they are in the same club as British Airlines, which makes me look at them a bit like the kids in the other class of my yeargroup. I was in 2B. 2A students just weren’t the same – and they tended to have red Scout backpacks (mine was blue).
Swiss is great. I love their CI. I think it was Interbrand wo did a good job here when LH took over. They feel about as safe as flying with the crane.
SAS really doesn’t feel very safe anymore – the planes are old and they have apparently had to lay off eveyone under the age of 52.
The service is very friendly, yet motherly.
”Are you really sure you want no water? It is good to drink when flying, you know.”
They genuinly care.
So do I.
Whenever I can, I book my tickets with SAS. I feel a bit sorry for them and want them to grow back to what they once were.
They can’t just disappear or become a lowprice airline.


  1. Lufthansa vs SAS?
    LH! LH! LH!

    Nach regelmäßigem SAS-Gefliege (mit Ausfällen, Verspätungen, Ausreden, mitunter unfreundlichem Service) bin ich froh, dass es Airberlin gibt.

    1. Ich wuerde gerne mal wissen, wieso es kaum Flieger nach Hamburg gibt. Sollten die deutschen Nordlichter nicht regelmässig die schwedischen besuchen? Seit Germanwings sich da rueckwärts vom Acker gemacht hat, muss man mit Ryanair nach Luebeck. Meine persönlichen Nicht-freunde. Aber das ist ein anderes Thema… Wer fliegt in den Norden zu Dir?

      1. TXL -> GOT mit Airberlin
        SXF -> GOT mit Easyjet
        HAM -> GOT mit LH/SAS (teuer)

        Durfte gerade einen Tag in Tegel verbringen, weil 2 Göteborgflüge gestrichen waren. Das Enteisungsmittel ist knapp geworden in D. 😦

  2. I love SAS, too. They do care. I was so distraught once when checking in for a flight to see my (dying, as it turned out) mother that the person came out from behind the counter and gave me a hug. LH is my second choice. Excellent airline. Irreproachable. Then AF, a slightly disheveled version of LH. And never BA. Ever.

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