The difference between Ikea

Germany - Sweden

There is a major difference between Germany and Sweden. Actually, there are many. But there is a major difference between German and Swedish sleeping.

I was confronted with this for the first time when I rented a cute little room on Södermalm back in 2005. Painfully aware of Germanwings’ baggage limitations I carefully chose the things I couldn’t live without. Among those the super warm bed cover I had gotten from my compassionate mom (I am always cold). Coming home from the mandatory trip to Ikea, I realized that the newly acquired bed covers were too big. And the pillow cases too small.

Considering the level of standardization at Ikea, I was startled.

Germany: Blanket: 140 x 200 cm. Pillowcase: 80 x 80 cm

Sweden: Blanket: 150 x 200 cm. Pillowcase: 50 x 60 cm.

Now: Ikea has most certainly done in-depth research on the subject and worked with 4 week workshops in sleep laboratories. Let Swedes try German pillows and vice versa. Measured REM- curves. Analyzed post-dream-interviews. And then decided that Germans need bigger pillows.

Germans also sleep on mattresses in bed frames, while Swedes use a wooden frame with springs and a thin “bäddmadrass” on top.

Why? Really don’t know. But useful for anyone importing a German bed: Don’t.

But do steal some downs from the geese. The winters are cold.


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