How much do men cost? Whats my discount?

Cheaper when not in prison

Everyone is busy analyzing the Swedish election: A racist party made it into government. The journalists at Dagens Nyheter are no exception, but I find one article that touches a subject I have been chewing on for some time now, even if in very different contexts – for example when paying  higher insurance because I am a woman with either simply breasts or increasing risk of childbearing.

The question is: “How much does a man cost?”

Hanne Kjöller at Dagens Nyheter takes up the subject because Sverigedemokraterna tend to complain about how much each immigrant costs. Of course they miss some other important factors in their equation, for example Zlatan Ibrahimović. Who is a soccer player and produces some interesting math examples: what is his value to the Swedish society? Which price should we put to his PR work building the country’s image (especially concerning weak areas like dynamic, elitist, decisive, powerful)? How many kids believe in their future instead of street war because of him? And – maybe easier to calculate – how many of them don’t suffer from kids diabetes because they run after a ball instead of coca cola and some x-box monster? Huge savings for the Swedish tax payers!

 Another financial burden the right-wing takes up is crime. It is no secret that violence and crime are worse in socially weak areas, where immigrants often end up living. Hanne quotes a report by criminologist Mikael Ryning which states born Swedes still dominate the criminals in absolute numbers.

She suggests to not fumble around like this and instead go straight to nitty-gritty. The correlation between individual conditions and crime are biggest in a group called MEN.

 I have always wondered why this never shows up at any insurance or tax paying institute, when people even assume it is a quality seal for a car to be “tjejkörd” – driven by women. (meaning it works well, no damage done.).

Basically I think I should get a discount.

 Men are highly overrepresented in the following areas: driving drunk, killing others in traffic, killing their partners and children, raping them in different places, armed robbery, general murder, extortionate and robberies, tax fraud.

And then we put them in prison for extension studies and free Schnitzel = cost a lot of money. Expenses women obviously contribute to.

Why? To protect themselves?

Following common rationale, women should pay less taxes/ premium because the risk of them killing neighbors and ending up behind bars is much lower. Statistically.

 Hanna suggests we investigate: what does a man cost?

“We don’t need to kick the ones we have out of the country, but shouldn’t we make sure we limit their number to what we can handle?” asks Hanna, trying to match SDs reasoning.

 I would like to see a comparison between the average man and  SD members, I have the feeling we will see an interesting group there. (The guy below is county spokesman for Sverigedemokraterna)

I expect this one will be quite affordable for those in purchase mode, but costly to maintain for society as a whole.


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