Communication, choices and a cut-out-comedian

"Val 2010", "Sverigedemokraterna",
21.10 h

Swedish elections today!
Pretty exciting. The question is if the future will be red or blue.
The first drastic change is that Sverigedemokraterna apparently will get some seats in the government. A dramatic and scary development. And a subject  discussed by every other Swede these days.

Something I haven’t heard anyone say (except for Jesper while making salad) is that – however this ends tonight – the blue, liberal side got fewer votes than all recent forecasts have shown.
This is of course never the result of only one incident. But at least Jesper and I noticed how national television and radio changed their focus last week, when the red – leftwing block was almost 10% behind.

All of a sudden two single cases of two single very sick people, portrayed as victims of the (blue) healthcare policy, were all over every channel, and that several times a day.

I too got touched by tragic stories (15 – 30 min documentaries) and crying family members. There is of course no discussion about that cases like these are under no circumstances acceptable.
But isn’t it a bit strange that the entire swedish media had no other subject the last four days before the election?

Additionally they started a big campaign to inform the nation about their right to change their mind, in case they had already pre- voted.
Friday night they stated: ”The red block is recovering”, showed a self-important and indeed much happier Mona Sahlin (head of red), and decreased the volume a bit. I am almost sure no one will talk about these poor sick people next week, but we will see.

And isn’t it noteworthy that not ONCE was there a documentary or news story about how the blue government actually steered Sweden through the financial crisis? That Sweden came out the most solid country in Europe? That this is recognized by international experts as an enormous achievement? The Swedish crown did not even crash with the Euro.
I think this would have been worth a little background story.

But I don’t make the news.

Television and radio do. I find they clearly take position, even those financed entirely with tax money – meant to make ensure politcally independent broadcast (an idea I fully support by the way).
Coming from a country where you learn to challenge and question before you learn how to speak, I can’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable.

Swedish comedian Michael Tornvings part in an SVT TV show was cut out because he took political position (in a student movie against racism and SD!). They say there is zero tolerance, you can’t publicly take sides if you are part of their program. Hmmm.

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