Really good noodles, the matrix and a rainbow.

The Matrix

Neo: “I used to eat there. Really good noodles. I have these memories from my life. None of them happened. What does that mean?”
Trinity: “That the Matrix cannot tell you who you are.”

Sometimes Swedes are afraid. They are afraid to stand out from the masses. To stick out their head, to swim against the current.
Partly it’s not very much appreciated by those masses and partly its something you just don’t do.
People will look at you strangely, wonder where you come from and unconsciously conclude that there might be much more suspicious under your Filippa K coat. They do anything to keep their trench coat unnoticed.

So you go with the flow, follow the crowd, comment on things with a lagom pleased attitude and make sure you are never the only one with an opinion.
Geborgenheit – it is called in German. Trygghet, in Swedish. I can’t find a good english word, but it is a feeling of security. And in Sweden you feel secure when you seamlessly fit in.
You should know, that pedestrians rule in this country. As soon as you set your big toe on a cross walk, cars stop. Which causes an average driving speed of ca 7 km/hour.

When I was waiting for my little ferry today, I checked in on, a site that publishes small bits of conversation, collected on the streets of Sweden.
Often funny, often weird. Look at this

Two students, ca 20, cross a street. They stop on the other side.
Student 1: Why did we cross? We were actually on the right side of the road!
Student 2: Yeah, but the car stopped and I felt like I should cross to not cause any trouble.
They then go back to the other side.

What student 2 actually said is that he didn’t want to be a burden (inte ville vara till besvär). He did not want to stop the flow or make the guy in the car feel strange. So he crossed the road even though he really didn’t want to.
But at least he didn’t stick out. No one noticed him. The matrix is intact.

I am amazed. And laughing.
At the rainbow under Lidingöbron.

Ropsten at night


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