After work dinner, unisex saunas and especially wedding songs (Sweden & Music #3)



Reggae: against the current


I had dinner with a bunch of Swedes (and one Finn) today. The conversation surfed our fantastic Russian quality manager, unisex saunas in Bremen and how five friends almost sank their boat just to celebrate the occasion with mashed potatoes and a bottle of champagne on a steamboat. The last part of the evening required some audio research: Swedish weddings.

When you are between 30 and 35 years old and have an average (lagom) circle of friends, you end up on up to seven weddings per year (according to our group). Hysterical brides and equally freaked-out grooms make about 1 billion choices, from napkins to the best mens hairspray – and apparently end up choosing very similar music for the emotional climax of the night, when an artist sings a song to worship the couples’ love.

Johnny stated having heard one of the following three songs (and one time all three of them) at recent traditional weddings. The latest incident created a Celine Dion- feeling hard to bear for unprepared cowboy souls.

Kärleken förde oss samman (Love brought us together), Ulf Lundell

Det vackraste (The most beautiful), Cecilia Vennersten

För kärlekens skull (Because of Love), Ted Gärdestad

Although I actually like the last one, I can imagine that all three can be a bit too much even for well trained folks with subscriptions to Musical theatres. Johnny anyway learned from this experience, that it is high time to break some habits. Like other friends who celebrated in a simple garage-type location with Jamaican buffet and a choice of exclusive reggae music that lasted all night.

I can only listen and learn. My own wedding cannot compete with any bigger concert-style events and has conveniently been made invalid by a quite unspectacular, entirely unmusical divorce.

But I can most definitely recommend Buco Nero – as beautiful as it is delicious.

And look at this. The very young Ted Gärdestad with ABBAs (very young) Björn and Benny.

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