New members for SD – a surprisingly peaceful solution

Discovered over a sojalatte

Creative people often produce excellent work under time pressure. Filip and Fredrik are no exception. They are journalists, writers, comedians and TV-hosts and they are always together. Almost ten years ago they started their own little shop called Framgångsfabriken ”successfactory”, which rejoices the swedish population with a lot of spontaneous action ever since.
With one week left to the elections they have now come up with a brilliant idea about how to save us from Sverigedemokraterna, a pretty undemocratic and racist party that is about to make it into parliament.

Sverigedemokraterna have their roots in Neo-Nazism, but started walking around in suits a couple of years ago, which makes them look much more trustworthy.
The characteristic that stands out most, is the party’s muslim-phobia. They are terrified by immigrants and a possible mixture of cultures (interestingly enough, I don’t seem to count as an immigrant and neither are they afraid of my finish or french friends).

Filip and Fredriks idea is simple and ingenious:
SD has 5000 members and there are 12000 Somalis in Sweden.
If all Somalis joined the party, Jimmy Åkesson would wake up next week and realize he is leading a crowd of 75% Somalis!

Outcome: the original party members resign and the party dissolves. Alternatively it ends up with completely different content and gets a new name.

With the movie below they pitch the idea to the nation (in form of three tangible Somalis).

Don’t forget to link to as much as you can!

"sverigedemokrater", "jimmy åkesson", "muslimer"
click here!

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