King of Pop – Sweden and Music #2

It's in the mix

Everyone knows ABBA. We remember Roxette. Quite a few know that The Hives, Mando Diao and Backyard Babies are from Sweden. Or Agnes (releeeease me). And Robyn of course! There are many more incredibly talented musicians here and I am amazed by the amount of tunes this nation sends out in the aether. (It’s in the genes. Or is it? This is one of my 3-6 biggest questionmarks).

There are some great men and women outside the limelight who reliably supply the western worlds radio stations with ear candy.

One of them is the Max Martin, one of the most gifted, successful and reclusive people we have in Stockholm.

The names you know instead of his are Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Bon Jovi or P!nk. Since he would never do so himself, I thought I would promote Max Martin a bit – especially to those outside of Sweden’s capital and the music industry, who might not know there is one man behind the hits.

Welcome to Pop, here comes a small selection of the last decades most played radio hits! I was kind enough to prepare a little Spotify playlist for you – since you might not have been aware that the following melodies have their roots in Stockholm. Sit back and remember. First kisses, extremely synchronized american dance videos, high volume- singing in the car. Earworm – (yes, seems to be an official word!)  Listen here.



  1. Eurgh. Tschulia!! Did you sip secretly at the Navan bottle? Synchronized American dance??!! I think I have to wash you in Regina Spektor, scrub you with a good doses of Phoenix and leave you out to dry on the line under a sky of Arnie de Franco. Tststs!

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