Google them out of here!

Away with it

It is lunchtime and in between two meetings, planning the year 2011 and 2012. The day started off in the same spirit when I read Nikkes blog on the subway.  The latest post is about future visions and how Swedens right wing party doesn’t have any.  He also has some hand on tips on how we can keep them out of our lives – with just a few clicks, status updates and recommendations.

The Swedish election is coming closer and there are still undecided voters and those who have lost all trust in politics – or our politicians for that matter. Most of those are however sure they do not want to support Sverigedemokraterna, who are on their way to take the hurdle and move into parliament.

So before I jump into my next meeting I would like to ask everyone to click on this link:

It will move their real website down on google searches and provides lots of information on how you can make your voice heard on the internet.

If you can, please put the widget and tagged images like the one above on your blogs and website, to make sure this is what pops up on googles image search, replacing their propaganda.

Link to on facebook and twitter about the site.

A couple of clicks for you, a huge difference for democracy.

And if we have learned one thing from the past, it is that passivity makes room for these idiots to set up camp.

click here!


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