Sensitive bankers and Sonja Catani

Today’s inspiration: Sonja Catani and the latest bank bankruptcy. HQ lost its license for banking a couple of days ago, and that means trouble when you are a bank. A couple of days later the organization was bought by Carnegie, which is a good thing, since they have been through the same vale of tears and certainly can be of emotional support.

HQ bank in their turn felt with their clients – who started worrying about their savings when the bank closed down until further notice. One of the owners, Mats Qviberg, sends his condolences through the press office: “I have great sympathy for their feelings. We have been working around the clock to resolve what happened, and still do everything we can.

Thank you. Already feel much better.

Gustav Douglas made an entertaining statement in Dagens Industri, Sweden’s Financial Times: ”The FSA has handled this with Prussian charm and Italian thoroughness”.

Sonjas analysis: ”Maybe you could have added that gentlemen Hagstrom & Qviberg acted with Russian moderation and a Greek sense of economy”.

I like.

And in Swedish spirit I think we can add: This will resolve itsself somehow and turn out just fine.

Det löser sig nog.

It always does.

I believe in the horse.



    1. This was one early morning when you thought you heard a suspicious scraping sound from the direction of the champagne cooler.

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