Butlers, clowns and bathroom doors – converting niche voters

Heterosexual power play

It looks like the  elections in september will be a close run. Currently the two major political blocks are cruising the country to catch the last free-floating votes – with admittedly original ideas.

So far, the election campaigns have been highly entertaining.

Today one of the two big national evening papers announced the latest coup by the red team: “Clowns for elderly homes!”
It is obvious in most of the western countries with aging population: you need to impress the 60+ surfers.
But hey – clowns?
For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of following this circus, only last week the same group of experts demanded butlers for Stockholm’s subway – a suggestion so fantastic, the same newspaper stated only 24 hours later that over 70% percent think it is a bad idea: ”Swedes don’t want subwaybutlers” – really?

The butler apparently runs your errands while you are at work – which is not the worst idea in the world. But then – why is the guy in the subway? Why would I carry my laundry three blocks and down the escalator? I reckon they are trying to keep him away from the maids: the same party has been driving hate campaigns against domestic services (paid above the table), because this would officially reintroduce slavery. Confusing.

But wait, here comes one more.
On July 28th we got confronted with a thundering claim for ”Genderneutral public bathrooms!!”. The little door icons are discriminating!

”We want to promote sexual and gender in terms of self-determination, equality before the law and social recognition for LGBT people. Heteronormativity is about power. (…) The world will not change by itself. If we want a society that is open to all people, we need political action.(from the election program of the social democrats, Stockholm)

For those who wonder: it is a campaign for the homosexual, bi end assumably especially the transgender-community. No one should have to choose between bathroom doors.

Exactly. Imagine that!

3:0 for the guys in red.

"Godmorgon, och välkommen till tunnelbanan"


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