Textbook concerts – a nation in tune

One thing I will never understand about Sweden is the country’s most successful TV-format since 1979. ”Allsång på Skansen” is sent weekly ever since and has incredible support among the  Swedish public.
The concept: A more professional singer gets up on stage and sings a song. The audience is equipped with the lyrics, sits on wooden benches and sings along while they clap their hands and sway left and right.

The position of the lead singer is gladly taken by Swedens musical A-league these days. The guy below is a legend (for your information).

When it is time for Allsång, Stockholm’s people climb up to Skansen (an open air museum with a big concert stage) and sit down for two hours to sing the blues together.
Half of Sweden’s population simultaneously climbs onto their sofa and does likewise.

As a result, the entire country sings for a couple of hours every week.

This can under no circumstances be considered a bad thing. Its peaceful and doesn’t bother anyone (except for myself, who depends on three TV channels and sees choices seriously limited during chanting times).



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