Candy for the masses! Scandinavian risktaking

If you want the candy, go for it!

Back in the Stockholm office!
And lunching with  Johnny and Kalle, discussing Swedish behaviors in general and the ever so present modesty in particular.
The conversation got kicked off by a single candy lying on our thai-fastfood-lunchtable, followed by Johnny boldly grabbing and eating it with visible pleasure.

“Your know”, he chewed, “sometimes you just got to take a risk.”

And further explains to my clueless and Kalles (swedish) smiling face: “No one would have taken the last candy, in spite of everybody wanting it. The candy had gone to the garbage can and everyone around the table home unsatisfied.”
“But”, (this is Kalle) “I actually like this! Isn’t it nice in a way how you take yourself back, your desires and the entire sweet tooth just in case someone else might want the same chocolate? To not indiscreetly stick your head out? I love it, this swedish ödmjukhet! It’s on the verge of neurosis.”
… and in the end nobody got the chocolate, no one is entirely happy but at least everyone is the same in their craving for something sweet?
“I believe in the individual and its mission to develop.”, says Johnny “meaning you have to go for the candy if you want it”.
(This asian lunch ends with an almost american closure)
“We should all dare to take risks. Everyday, we should consciously take one risk. Even if it just means to laugh loudly or hug someone in public, to hold an old womans hand, cry over a sandwich or pray to a big old pick-up truck…”
No. that’s of course not Johnny’s ending. But it sounded so nice. With the right music, a dusty road and a pocket-sized sunset.



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