Free babies and a stunning bus driver

Pram Park

I took bus 76 from my little harbor in Ropsten to Djurgården today.
Untypically, the bus was not on time.
As always, it was filled with prams.
In Stockholm, your pram is your ticket.
You just head in through the back door and make yourself comfortable where other passengers can’t stand anymore. No need to pay!
This is not only helpful for the big army of lattemammas on their way to Café Mocco, it is also unique and very Swedish.
In other cities you have to be an extreme athlete to take the bus with a baby. And while you are fighting your way through to the driver, your child gets kidnapped and the 1000 Euro stroller is sold on Ebay.
Not in Stockholm, where you can use your Marc Jacobs purse to reserve a chair while buying coffee (as C. stated with a sigh at Saturnus the other day ”Only in Sweden…”)
And only in Sweden would the bus driver (25 years old, long hair, big sunglasses) stop the bus and push his way through the masses, only to  rearrange the pram park and make the sixth buggy fit in.
”Maybe if everyone could move to the back a bit? Or maybe you (pointing at a dad) could put yours sideways?”
This ended up being the best solution and off we went towards Strandvägen.
So if you are visiting Stockholm, bring your pram and take a trip with bus 76 (map here). (Everyone else can buy a ticket sending a text message with the letters ”Ah” to 72150).

Take it from Söder sit in the baby-free back and look out the windows on the right. It passes Stockholm’s most beautiful shorelines.

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