They said the sun would come at 12.00h

14:15h, Lilla Värtan

They have not been very reliable this summer.

We woke up to wind that never was predicted and the big baltic rainstorm arrived early last tuesday.
New in the north, I often laughed at sunny swedish mornings, welcomed with a blank look: ”But they said it would rain!” Instead of ”Good morning! Coffee?” and took it as an example of the Scandinavian weather obsession.
Of course wrong predictions can get you into serious trouble when dinners are planned long in advance and all guests arrive exactly at 18.00h.
But it began dawning on me that the source for irritation isn’t solely unexpected winds.
”They” are not the weather guys. They are some kind of higher authority. They seem to sit somewhere with a very big joystick, causing insecurity and confusion when things go wrong.
To this day I have not entirely understood if ”They” sit in the same imaginary building as ”They” giving out rental contracts and those in charge of personal numbers. They seem to be connected to a system you can freely complain about and expect stuff from. ”I should get a 3 bedroom apartment”. A bit like parents.
Fatherland, motherland, my new homeland.

14.15: the sun just came.


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